Secure & Non-Secure File Sharing

You have two options for making a file accessible to someone else: sharing the file (secure sharing) or sending a download link for the file (non-secure sharing)

1.  Secure File Sharing 

  (Limited access to the file)

  • The Good:
    • Allows another user to access the data contained within the shared file but does not allow that person to download, copy or share the entire file.
    • Enables to protect your genetic data while still allowing you to make your genetic data available to someone else.
    • The user can process the data using apps that they have added to his or her account.
    • The user cannot download the file.
    • The user cannot share the file.
  • Be Aware:
    • Only share a file with users you trust. 
    • If the user processes the shared file with an app, the app may provide the user with information that the user can save and download. download significant information about the data in the file.

2.  Non-Secure File Sharing (Download Link) 

Download file icon
  (Unlimited access to the file)

  • The Good:
    • Provides another person with an entire copy of the file.
  • Be Aware
    • A download link that is sent to another person provides unlimited access to that file because the other person can download their own copy of that file.
    • If the file contains confidential data, only send the download link to people you trust. 
    • Once a copy of the file is downloaded to someone else’s computer, can no longer protect that copy.
    • If the file does not contain data that you want to keep confidential then the download links can be shared or even posted to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

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