Downloading Results

How to Download Your Results

​For reports that include a PDF document, follow these steps to download your PDF directly from your Sequencing account:

Steps to Download:

  1. Sign In: Access your Sequencing account by signing in.
  2. Navigate to My Results: Click on ‘My Results’ in the site header or click here to go directly to your results page.
  3. Select Your Report: Locate the report you wish to download and click the download icon located in the column on the right.
  4. Download: The PDF will begin downloading automatically. Please allow up to 30 seconds for the process to initiate. Avoid refreshing the page or navigating away during this time.

Important Notes:

  • Bioinformatics Apps: Files generated by applications in the Bioinformatics category can also be downloaded.
  • Next-Gen Disease Screen: The PDF reports from the Next-Gen Disease Screen (available to Premium or Professional Genome Plan genomes) are downloadable. Other components of the Next-Gen Disease Screen results cannot be downloaded.
  • Not Downloadable: Results from other Sequencing Apps, as well as Reports those that do not include a PDF component, are not available for download.

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