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This Is Not A Traditional DNA Test – This Is Sequencing

DNA tests from 23andMe, AncestryDNA, and most other companies use older technology that produces data on a very small subset of your genome.

Whole genome sequencing is the world’s most advanced genetic testing technology that tests every letter of your DNA, including all ~30,000 genes and all chromosomes end-to-end.

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GeneCondition# of Genetic Variants Analyzed
BRCA 1/2Breast, Ovarian, Other Cancers23,9753
KCNQ1Preventable Sudden Death, SIDS4,6770
CFTRCystic Fibrosis2,71628
RYR1Preventable Reaction to Anesthesia3,8390
How do we get these numbers?
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More Data

Our whole genome sequencing obtains information on your entire genome of more than 3 billion genetic variants.


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More Accuracy

100% of your DNA data is vital for evaluating your genetic risk for diseases and adverse reactions to medical treatments.


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More Insight

Receive personalized health guidance now and throughout your life, and learn about potential risk of diseases and conditions.

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Sequence Once, Unlock a Lifetime of Scientific Discoveries

Whole genome sequencing is the only DNA test that obtains 100% of your genome. Once you have sequenced yourself, the data that's obtained will provide insights that help protect your health throughout your life.

Even if new genes are discovered in the future, you won't need to take another DNA test. We will simply reanalyze the data we’ve already obtained to provide you with insights about these new discoveries.

Hand holding a whole genome sequencing vial while a sample is being inserted.
Hand holding a whole genome sequencing vial while a sample is being inserted.

A Simple Cheek Swab is all it takes

The DNA collection process is incredibly simple. No appointments, no jabs, no spitting. Just a 2-minute painless mouth swab and our technology will do the rest.

Our collection kits make it easy to collect DNA from a person of any age, including newborns.

From $3 Billion To Less Than The Cost Of A Smartphone

Deciphering the human genome was not easy. Sequencing the first whole genome, which was completed in 2003, took 13 years and cost $3 billion dollars.

The information from the Human Genome Project has allowed us to better diagnose disease, detect certain diseases earlier, and make life-saving improvements in preventive medicine.

Thanks to rapid technological advancements over the last 20 years, the cost of whole genome sequencing is now within reach for virtually all people who want to have better control of their health and wellness.

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Ready to Get Sequenced?

Start by ordering the most comprehensive DNA testing kit offered in the market.

Already Have DNA Data?

If you’ve taken a DNA test elsewhere, upload your raw DNA data for free to get started.

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Whole Genome Sequencing Bundle

Privacy Forever Data Protection

We don`t sell or share your data with anyone.



Privacy Forever protection of all of your data

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Genome Explorer v3

1 Month Premium Genome Plan

Full Access To All Raw Genome Data & Analyzed Data

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    30x genome sequencing depth
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    100% of your genome
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    3 billion genetic variants
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    All 30,000 genes sequenced
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    All chromosomes fully sequenced incl. the mitochondrial & Y chromosomes

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Obtains data on around 3 billion positions within your genome (100% of your genome). Also includes the ability to download your raw genome data files for no additional fee. This includes FASTQ, BAM and VCFs covering all genetic variations: Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs), Insertions and Deletions (INDELs), Structural Variations (SVs), Copy Number Variations (CNVs) and Mitochondrial Heteroplasmy (MITO).

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