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May 14, 2024

Beyond What I Expected

"The indepth reports are beyond what I expected. The additional apps, especially the free ones that give even more detailed information is great. I'm very happy with the security of Sequencing."

S.A., from Customer Review

May 11, 2024

Sequencing Solved My Health Mysteries

"I am 70, have had issues throughout my life. Doctors have basically brushed me aside and insinuated it's in my head. I would rather know than not. I finally decided to have my whole sequence done to see if I was wrong or medical drs in past were. Well, my genes have confirmed almost everything I suspected. I now give my report to my drs and they now take me seriously. Just knowing has improved my life, some surprises. Now I can see some of my relatives with similar symptions I can inform them it may be genetic for them too."

F.T., from Customer Feedback

May 07, 2024

Very Helpful For Health Information

"Having my genome sequenced has provided very helpful health information and many interesting facts."

M.A., from Customer Feedback

May 07, 2024

Outstanding Privacy Protection

"I’ve always wanted to do this kind of testing but avoided it because of privacy concerns. Since you are HIPAA compliant and provide a lot of genetic health information, I took the test and am really looking forward to my results."

H.B., from Customer Feedback

April 21, 2024

A Great Variety Of Information

"I've already recommended your services and even donated a test kit to a family member. It's exciting to see information that is not just family history. You have a great variety of information to offer and the test is very easy to perform at home."

Celeste, from Customer Review

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