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Welcome to the Education Center enables you to obtain tremendous value from your DNA. Our Education Center provides educational resources written and curated by experts to help you learn about the intriguing world of DNA, genomics, genetic ancestry, and precision medicine.

Learning about the ways in which DNA can now be used will allow you to make more informed decisions about what’s best for you and your family.

Genetic research continues forward at an unprecedented rate with life-changing discoveries being made every week. Our Education Center brings these discoveries to you.

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Table Of Contents

  1. DNA 101
    1. What Can You Learn From Your DNA?
      1. Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer
      2. Genetic Testing for Hair Loss
    2. What to Expect When You Get Your Whole Genome Sequenced
    3. Understanding Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)
      1. Diagnosing Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS): DNA Testing Guide
      2. DNA Data Can Help You Understand Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)
    4. Not All DNA Products Are Created Equal
    5. What Is Genetic Counseling?
    6. What Is the Cost of Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)?
    7. What Are Multifactorial Disorders?
      1. The Role of Genetics in Multifactorial Disorders
    8. One Genome Technology
    9. What Does DNA Stand For? | DNA Explained 2023
  2. Outsmart Your Genes
    1. The Power of DNA Testing and Predictive Medicine
  3. What Is Genome Explorer?
    1. A Guide to Genome Explorer (Free Version)
    2. Genome Explorer FAQ
    3. Genome Explorer Plus Benefits
    4. Genome Explorer Premium Benefits
  4. Whole Genome Sequencing
    1. Sequencing
    2. Whole Genome Sequencing in As Little As Three Weeks
    3. Importance of Whole Genome Sequencing
    4. What Can Whole Genome Sequencing Detect
    5. Whole Genome Sequencing Cost
    6. Whole Genome Shotgun Sequencing
  5. A Guide to DNA Tests
    1. What Is a DNA Test
    2. How Does DNA Testing Work
    3. What Does a DNA Report Look Like
    4. How Accurate Are DNA Tests
  6. Definitions
    1. What Is a Variant?
  7. Genetic Genealogy
    1. What Is Genealogy
    2. DNA Genealogy
    3. Ancestry DNA Test
    4. MyHeritage DNA Test
  8. Genetic Testing for Disease
    1. What Is a Genetic Disease
    2. What Diseases Can Be Detected Through Genetic Testing
    3. How to Choose a DNA Test for Diseases
    4. Cystic Fibrosis Gene Test
  9. Genetic Testing for Baby
    1. Carrier Screening
    2. Genetic Testing During Pregnancy
    3. Genetic Disorders in Children
    4. Genetic Testing for Autism
    5. Genetic Testing for Down Syndrome
  10. Preventive Measures for Breast Cancer
    1. Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer
    2. Breast Cancer Genetic Testing: Pros and Cons
    3. At Home Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer
    4. Breast Cancer Genetic Testing Cost
    5. DNA Tests for Breast Cancer Genetic Testing
  11. How to Prevent Alzheimer's
    1. Risk Factors of Alzheimer's Disease
    2. Genetic Testing for Alzheimer's
    3. Ways to Prevent Alzheimer’s
    4. Medications to Prevent Alzheimer’s
    5. Natural Ways to Prevent Alzheimer’s
  12. Medication Side Effects
    1. Effects of Medicine on the Body
    2. How Long Do Side Effects Last
    3. How Quickly Do Side Effects Happen
    4. How to Reduce Side Effects of Medicine
    5. DNA Tests for Medication Side Effects
    6. What to Do When Medicines Have Side Effects
  13. Genetic Testing for Weight Loss
    1. Does DNA Work for Weight Loss?
    2. Guide to a Weight Loss DNA Test
    3. DNA Testing for Weight Loss Diets
  14. Coronavirus and DNA
    1. My DNA and COVID-19: What's My Risk?
    2. Blood Type and COVID: Infection Risk and Severity
    3. Where Can I Get My Blood Type Checked for Free
    4. Coronavirus Treatment
  15. DNA and Adoption
    1. Best DNA Test for Adoptees
    2. How to Find Biological Father Through DNA
    3. Finding an Adopted Child Online
    4. Finding an Adopted Sibling
  16. Free DNA Upload Sites
    1. GEDmatch DNA Upload Instructions
    2. Promethease DNA Upload
    3. Upload DNA to Ancestry
    4. 23andMe Upload Data Tool
    5. MyHeritage DNA Upload
    6. Living DNA Upload
    7. National Geographic DNA: Upload Raw Data

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