Best DNA Test for Adoptees

best dna test for adoptees

By ⁠Dr. Brandon Colby MD, a physician-expert in the fields of Genomics and Personalized Preventive Medicine.

As we’ve mentioned in the ⁠DNA and Adoption article previously published, they go hand-in-hand. DNA is the one tie that adoptees have to their biological parents. This makes it possible for them to learn a great deal of information about their family history, genetics, and even help them find their biological parents and relatives.

This article seeks to help adoptees find the best DNA test to not only identify their birth parents but learn about their ethnicity and health risks. 

DNA Tests for Adoptees

Genealogists have been helping adoptees with their genetic genealogy research for many years. Over the last few years, the search for a birth mother or father has become much easier. Unfortunately, with so many DNA testing companies entering the industry, it can be difficult to know which are the best DNA tests for adoptees.

DNA testing companies have popped up everywhere over the last few years. Many people who are interested in getting a DNA test struggle to choose the best one. The following are some of the most popular ones, and then the best DNA test for adoptees.


The AncestryDNA test is usually the first choice for many adoptees. They have the largest database of DNA with their membership of five million users.

Adoptees looking to find their birth family may want to consider using AncestryDNA. The autosomal DNA test is easily performed at home with a purchased test kit. Simply spit into a test tube and send it to the lab. Within a few weeks, the results are uploaded to the site where you can see who has similar DNA matches.


Another popular DNA testing company is 23andMe. They have a large DNA database - just not as large as AncestryDNA.

The reason some people say 23andMe has the best DNA test for adoptees is that they offer health information in addition to ancestry. The health information is not meant to be used for diagnostic purposes.

For adoptees looking for information about their ethnicity and basic health information, 23andMe may be the best test for them. However, there is another DNA test that adoptees should consider.


FamilyTreeDNA test is a recommended genetic testing company by the organization ⁠Considering Adoption. The DNA test they offer explores the maternal line and the paternal line of the biological family. 

FamilyTreeDNA is different in that they offer genetic experts to consult with and provide a community of other adoptees who are searching for their birth families and information on their family history. The support is what draws many people to the site, despite their capability to provide as many genetic matches as competitors.

FamilyTreeDNA members receive a list of email addresses based on their DNA test results. This list may include many potential family members. Some adoptees have been able to find their biological parents, siblings, and even distant relatives such as great-grandparents. 

With the information they receive, adoptees can then reach out when they feel comfortable doing so.


This is another DNA testing company similar to the others already mentioned. They use the same type of DNA test. The test results are then compared to the people in their database to find biological relatives and common ancestors.

Those who are interested in using MyHeritage to find biological relatives should consider reading our MyHeritage review.

The best DNA test for adoptees is’s Ultimate DNA Test or the Ultimate Genome Sequencing service.

Ultimate DNA Test

The Ultimate DNA Test provides information on:

  • Health
  • Ancestry
  • Personality
  • Fitness
  • Wellness
  • Weight Loss
  • …and much more. 

The cost is comparable to the other DNA testing companies BUT the value is much more.

The Ultimate DNA Test provides 50 times more data than 23andMe and This means that more information can be derived from the DNA sample. It’s perfect for adoptees who yearn to learn as much as possible about what they inherited from their biological parents.

Ultimate Genome Sequencing

The Ultimate Genome Sequencing service is the next level in DNA testing - it is truly the best DNA test for adoptees.

Ultimate Genome Sequencing provides whole genome sequencing - the entire human genome is tested (most other DNA testing companies only test less than 1% of the genome).

With 100% of the genome tested, over 5,000 times more data is derived from it. The data provides as much information as currently possible about a person’s genetic makeup.

One of the most common questions received about the ⁠Ultimate DNA Test and Ultimate Genome Sequencing for adoptees is how it’s helpful in finding biological parents or an adopted sibling. The answer is that the DNA data can be downloaded and uploaded to other DNA testing companies, such as 23andMe, AncestryDNA, and GEDMatch.

Downloading DNA raw data from is very easy, and so is the uploading process to DNA testing companies.

The incentive in choosing is that the DNA data can easily be used with any of the apps (with many free ones to choose from) in the ⁠App Market.

How to Buy the Best DNA Test for Adoptees

buy the best test for adoptees

DNA testing companies such as 23andMe, AncestryDNA, and MyHeritage sell their DNA testing kits on Amazon and their website. For those interested in more value from their investment with the Ultimate DNA Test or Ultimate Genome Sequencing services, visit the ⁠order page.

You will be able to choose from Ultimate DNA Test and Ultimate Genome Sequencing. Once you receive your DNA testing kit, swab your cheek and send the sample back to our lab. Within just a few weeks, you’ll have the results and then you can use the raw DNA data with any of the apps or on other sites to find your birth parents and other close relatives.

Interested in learning more? Read ⁠How to Find a Biological Father Through DNA.

About The Author

Dr. Brandon Colby MD is a US physician specializing in the personalized prevention of disease through the use of genomic technologies. He’s an expert in genetic testing, genetic analysis, and precision medicine. Dr. Colby is also the Founder of and the author of Outsmart Your Genes.

Dr. Colby holds an MD from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, an MBA from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, and a degree in Genetics with Honors from the University of Michigan. He is an Affiliate Specialist of the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (⁠ACMG), an Associate of the American College of Preventive Medicine (⁠ACPM), and a member of the National Society of Genetic Counselors (⁠NSGC).

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