National Geographic DNA: Upload Raw Data

National Geographic DNA Data Upload

As many people know, National Geographic is committed to educating people about places, people, and cultures worldwide. One of the ways that they did this a few years ago was to offer a ⁠National Geographic DNA test.

National Geographic partnered with Helix, a genomics company, that was interested in offering a ⁠DNA app store to consumers. The partnership involved National Geographic selling DNA tests under the name of the “Geno” DNA Ancestry kit and Helix analyzing the raw DNA data.

National Geographic’s primary intent was to collect DNA data to reveal human migration patterns throughout history. Helix’s intent was in research, but they also wanted to provide direct-to-consumer services. Helix members were able to use an app to select different analyses that would reveal information about their DNA in an easy-to-read report.

In 2005, the project collected DNA data from 1 million people and National Geographic announced the end of the DNA collection phase of the project was over. They also discontinued their partnership with Helix.

Helix Discontinues Direct to Consumer Services

In July 2020, ⁠Helix discontinued its direct-to-consumer services. Helix members received advanced notice, so they could download their raw DNA data.

Download Raw DNA Data from Helix

How to Use National Geographic DNA: Upload Raw Data

National Geographic DNA Upload Raw

A million people used the “Geno” DNA ancestry kit for DNA testing. National Geographic has not stored any of the DNA data. That information is stored with Helix.

Those who took the ⁠National Geographic DNA test can upload their raw data in many places. You can read about all of the places you can upload raw National Geographic DNA data in our article Free DNA Upload Sites.

While you are here on, though. You should consider uploading your National Geographic DNA raw data using our upload tool. provides a confidential, comprehensive analysis of DNA data. You can read our Privacy First Policy for additional information on how we keep your information safe.

How to Upload National Geographic Raw DNA Data

Uploading raw DNA data from National Geographic to is free and simple. After receiving your ⁠raw DNA data from National Geographic or Helix, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the DNA Upload Center
  2. Click on the option ‘Upload from My Computer’
  3. Select your National Geographic DNA data file and then click the ‘Upload’ button.

That’s it! It can take up to 15 minutes for the data to fully upload and become available to use with the ⁠DNA App Store.

How to Use the DNA App Store to Analyze National Geographic DNA

Once the DNA data file is available in our database, go to the DNA App Store.

You will find we have many different apps in categories, such as:

  • Health
  • Ancestry
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Beauty
  • Lifestyle
  • Children
  • Art
  • Bioinformatics

We have many analysis apps that are completely free! Just click the ‘Free’ category to access all the free DNA analysis apps and reports.

Other Options from

In addition to providing analysis of ⁠uploaded DNA data from National Geographic’s DNA test, we also offer additional genetic testing.

Ancestry DNA Testing Options

Whole genome sequencing is a service that tests your entire genome. While National Geographic’s Genographic Project DNA test obtained less than 0.1% of a person’s DNA, our ⁠whole genome sequencing obtains 100%!

Once you have your genome sequenced, you’ll be able to discover a tremendous amount of useful information far beyond ⁠genealogy including health, rare disease screening, wellness, optimizing your nutrition, improving your sleep, and much more.

Learn more about whole genome sequencing, so you can see what you may be missing from not having this type of highly advanced ⁠DNA sequencing.

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