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Secure download, upload and store DNA data from all genetic testing services, providers and laboratories such as after obtaining 23andMe testing or using tests from MyHeritageDNA, Helix, Vitagene, LivingDNA, HomDNA, DNALand, Family Tree DNA as well as NIH All of Us program, Illumina CLIA lab in San Diego, LifeNome, Silverberry Genomix, 24Genetics, tellmeGen, Veritas Genomics, Genos Exome Sequencing and all Whole Genome Sequencing companies.

If you've already taken a genetic test, it's easy to upload your data into your Sequencing.com account.





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National Geographic (The Genographic Project)


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While Sequencing.com isn't a laboratory and we don't provide genetic testing, a common question we receive is "where can I get reputable genetic testing?" Because of this, we've created an exclusive Preferred Provider Network of companies that offer verified genetic testing services.


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In order for a genetic testing provider to become part of Sequencing.com's Preferred Provider Network, we prescreen their testing services and carefully evaluate data quality, laboratory qualifications and customer service. Each Preferred Provider must also offer:

  1. microarray, exome or whole genome sequencing
  2. testing conducted in a highly reputable laboratory
  3. outstanding customer service
  4. genetic data that is provided in a format verified to be fully compatible with all apps at Sequencing.com
    • this includes Real-TimeTM apps in the Apple and Android app stores. These apps are powered by your genes using Real-Time Personalization® technology
  5. the option for automatic import of genetic data directly from their laboratory into your account at Sequencing.com



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