DNA Tests for Medication Side Effects

DNA testing has come a long way over the years. It’s no longer about learning about ethnicity and identifying criminals. DNA has the information needed to learn about the body and its response to external forces, such as medications. 

Most people suffer from medication side effects. Medications or drugs interact with the natural chemicals in the body, which causes a reaction. Positive reactions are what help treat medical conditions and illnesses. Adverse reactions are what cause discomfort. Examples of these reactions are stomachache, headache, nausea, vomiting, etc. 

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One of the most common reasons people stop taking their medication even though it can improve their health or livelihood is due to side effects. Being able to reduce side effects of medicine can help doctors improve medication compliance for their patients. 

DNA testing can also identify the risk of life-threatening side effects. For instance, ⁠genetic testing for antidepressants can tell psychiatrists if particular classes of antidepressants could increase the risk of suicide. Avoiding those classes can save patients’ lives. 

Addiction is a big concern, especially with the opioid crisis. DNA tests for medication side effects can help with this as well. The reports generated from the DNA test can tell people if they are at risk for addiction to different substances, such as opioids, alcohol, marijuana, etc. 

dna test for medication side effects

Choosing a DNA Test for Genetic Testing

DNA tests are much more accessible these days than they were in the past. DNA testing companies such as 23andMe, Dante Labs, Ancestry.com, and MyHeritage offer tests to their users. The focus of these tests is to identify ancestors and most of them come with a general health analysis, specifically for inherited diseases. The DNA data delivered by these DNA testing companies is limited. They provide only what is needed for their own testing capabilities. 

Sequencing.com offers an Ultimate DNA Test. This test is similar to the ones offered by the above DNA testing companies but much more cost-effective. The advantage of this DNA test over the others is the test comes with two DNA apps and reports, which could include health, ancestry, and more. A Coronavirus DNA Health Report (the plus version) is also included in the price. 

Bewildered by all the different DNA tests that are out there? We created an easy to use DNA test comparison chart so you can determine which test is best for you.

For those who are looking for a more thorough analysis of their DNA and much more information from their medication side effects report, the Ultimate Genome Sequencing test is available. This generates data from 100% of your genome, making it a clinical-grade DNA test. This DNA test is more expensive than the Ultimate DNA Test and the test provided by other companies, however, it offers much more information. The Ultime Genome Sequencing test also comes with two DNA apps and report, a wellness & Longevity Report, Healthcare Pro Report, Rare Disease Screen, and a Coronavirus DNA Health Report (the comprehensive version). 

DNA Tests - Genetic Information for a Lifetime

Genetic makeup never changes. This means once you have one DNA test, you will not need to ever have another one unless you decide to have a whole genome sequencing test after having the more basic test. Again, the whole genome sequencing simply provides MORE information not different information. 

When analyzing DNA with apps like the ones on Sequencing.com, the results can be used for a lifetime. This means when someone uses the Medication and Drug Response Analysis Report app to analyze DNA for medication side effects, the results can be used for years. 

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Purchasing a DNA test is an investment in your health. The genetic information you acquire can be something that you can use to improve your health and longevity and then your children and their children can use it to understand what their risks are depending on your genetic information. 

How to Choose the Best DNA Test for You

We understand that it can be difficult to decide which DNA test to purchase. Even if you’ve already bought a DNA test online from another DNA testing company, you may wonder if it was enough to give you the results you’re seeking when it comes to medication side effects. 

The best advice we have for you is to run the Medication and Drug Response analysis report to see what it shows based on the DNA data you’ve uploaded to the site. If you see there are missing data that you believe will help you now or in the future, consider investing in the whole genome sequencing test. At Sequencing.com, we will allow you to run the ⁠Medications and Drug Responses analysis report again after receiving your DNA data from the enhanced test at no additional charge.

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