One Genome Technology

One Genome Technology greatly simplifies the process of using the information contained in your DNA. This proprietary technology allows you to analyze all of your DNA data with just one click and helps ensure that when your genome is analyzed, the results are reliable.

From Many Data Files to One Genome

Genetic data files can be confusing because of their sheer number. If you have had whole genome sequencing, you have received your data across eight different files. You may also have chosen to upload genetic data files you obtained from other third party vendors to your account. With all these files you may wonder which one is the correct one to use for an analysis report.

One Genome takes care of that for you by combining these data files into one. This can be especially helpful if you upload two or more data files from third-party vendors, such as one file from 23andMe and another from Ancestry. One Genome will automatically establish whether the files are from the same person. If they are, it will combine the highest quality data from each file to create a single digital genome.

Having a single digital genome makes it easy for you to run an analysis report. Rather than having to select the correct file from all the files in your account, you simply click on your digital genome and the analysis report application does the rest.

Removing Unreliable Third-Party Data

Through advanced statistical algorithms, our bioinformatics team has determined that not all the data you may have received from third-party vendors is of the same quality. Some of this data for some genetic variants is not reliable and may provide false results.

When you upload a data file from a third-party vendor into your account, One Genome will automatically identify and remove unreliable data points while creating your digital genome. This will help ensure the reliability of any digital genome analysis you choose to run.

Automatic and Free

One Genome technology is part of your account. When you order our whole genome sequencing kit or upload your DNA data, your single digital genome will appear in your account.

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