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Delve into the fascinating and transformative universe of DNA testing, analysis, and genetic reports with This Knowledge Center has been designed to serve as your comprehensive guide, assisting you in navigating your journey with us. Discover how can empower you to realize your unique objectives and aspirations in the realm of genetics. Embark on your exploration now, and let the power of DNA unlock the potential of your future.

Table Of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. I have genetic data
    2. What if I don't have genetic data
  2. Buy a DNA Test
    1. Shipping & Handling: DNA Collection Kits
  3. Upload Your DNA Data For Free
    1. 23andMe
      1. Upload 23andMe DNA Data
      1. How To Upload Your AncestryDNA Data
    3. MyHeritage
      1. How To Upload MyHeritage Data
    4. Family Tree DNA
      1. How To Upload Your Family Tree DNA Data (FTDNA)
    5. Dante Labs
      1. How to use Dante Labs data
      2. Improve Your Dante Labs Data
    6. Living DNA
      1. How To Upload Living DNA Data
    7. HomeDNA
    8. Vitagene
      1. How To Upload Your Vitagene Data
    9. DNA Land
      1. How to Obtain Your DNA.Land data
    10. Genes for Good
    11. National Geographic
      1. How To Upload Your National Geographic Data
    12. All of Us
    13. tellmeGen DNA Data
  4. FAQs
    1. Who is
    2. Can I upload DNA data or genome sequencing data that I already have?
    3. What’s the difference between your Whole Genome Sequencing and your Premium Expedited Genome Sequencing service?
    4. Where do you ship your DNA collection kits?
    5. Do you accept HSA and FSA cards?
    6. How does the 'choose my own DNA discovery' work?
    7. What types of data are provided with your DNA testing and genome sequencing?
    8. Can I access and download my raw DNA data?
    9. Can I delete my data?
    10. Do you sell or share my data with anyone?
    11. Can I upload my raw DNA data from to third-party sites such as online genealogy and family tree services?
    12. What's the turnaround time for whole genome sequencing?
    13. How Do I Check The Status of My Kit?
    14. What happens if there's an issue with my kit or my sequencing?
    15. What sequencing platform and bioinformatics pipeline do you use?
    16. Guide to Disease-Specific Results with Next Gen Screening
    17. What certifications does the laboratory have?
    18. Why does my digital genome contain less than 100% of my genome data?
    19. What is Sequencing's Privacy Forever Policy?
    20. What is Sequencing's DNA Membership program?
    21. Does 23andMe, & MyHeritage test my entire genome?
    22. What does it mean when Genome Explorer says a variant is Pathogenic?
    23. Why is my Cannabis DNA Health Report stuck in Processing?
    24. Is there a genetic test for chimerism?
    25. What's One Genome Technology?
  5. Getting started
    1. Registering
    2. Signing In
    3. Indicating who you are
    4. Membership
      1. Genomes, Genome Plans, & Genome Scans
    5. Sequencing Apps
      1. Genome Explorer
      2. Health Scan
      3. Next-Gen Disease Screen (NGDS)
    6. Reports
      1. Finding Reports
      2. Using Reports
    7. Uploading Genetic Data
    8. Account security features
    9. Privacy Forever: DNA Data Privacy & Ownership
    10. Account Status
      1. Delete Account
  6. DNA Analysis Apps & Reports
    1. DNA App Market
      1. Exploring the Marketplace
      2. Free apps
      3. Premium (paid) apps
        1. Recurring cost
        2. Upfront cost
      4. Payment methods
        1. Saving a card on file
      5. Security & Encryption
    2. Adding apps to your account
    3. Using Apps
      1. Step 1: Select a File
        1. File categories
      2. Step 2: Choose Options
      3. Step 3: Modify Parameters (Optional)
    4. App Processing Times
    5. App Results
      1. Viewing
      2. Using
      3. Downloading
    6. Using apps on other platforms
      1. Authorizing apps to connect to your account
      2. Protection for your genetic data
    7. Featured apps
    8. App alerts
      1. Ambiguity in genetic data file
      2. Incomplete genetic data
    9. Promethease DNA Analysis: Upload and Analyze Your Genetic Data
  7. DNA Data Storage
    1. Free & Unlimited
    2. Universal Data Compatibility
    3. Ownership
    4. Uploading
    5. Confidentiality
    6. Security
    7. Accessing
    8. Storing
    9. Sharing
      1. Secure Sharing
        1. Share
        2. Unshare
        3. Access
      2. Non-secure Sharing
    10. Downloading
    11. Deleting DNA Data & Files
    12. Formats
      1. File formats for apps
      2. FASTQ Format Compatibility
      3. Clinical+ VCF
    13. Datasets
    14. Data Viewer
    15. European Union data protection
  8. Individuals & Families
    1. Types of apps
      1. On-demand apps
      2. Real-Time technology
      3. Real-Time Apps
        1. Real-Time Personalization
    2. How to use an app
      1. Sample files
    3. Assistance obtaining genetic data
  9. Healthcare Professionals
    1. HIPAA compliance & certifications
    2. HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA)
    3. Patient data
    4. Genetic Reports
      1. Healthcare Pro Report
      2. Patient Reports
    5. App Spotlight: Healthcare Pro
  10. Researchers
    1. Data
    2. Uploading and importing
    3. Reference genomes
      1. Autodetect
    4. App ideas & suggestions
    5. Global Alliance beacon network
    6. Certifications and compliance
    7. MIAME compliance
    8. HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA)
  11. Laboratories
    1. Become a Preferred Provider of Genetic Testing
    2. Obtain more from the data you generate
    3. Data storage
      1. Uploading data and batch uploads
    4. HIPAA compliance & certifications
    5. HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA)
  12. Developers
    1. Developer center
    2. App chains
    3. Submitting an app
    4. Submitting an app chain
  13. Site Guide
    1. Signing In
      1. Sign in options
        1. 2-Step Verification
          1. Enabling 2-Step Verification
          2. Google authenticator app
          3. Problem solving
        2. Single sign-on
    2. Home
    3. Account Settings
      1. Personal Information
      2. Settings
      3. Membership
      4. Payment Methods
      5. Order History
      6. Login history
    4. My DNA Data
      1. Processing Files
      2. Incompatible Files
      3. Upload Center
        1. Upload from computer
        2. Import from cloud
          1. AWS S3
        3. Import from 3rd Party
      4. Big Yotta | Free DNA Data Uploader
        1. Logging in to Big Yotta
        2. Linux Headless Mode
        3. Big Yotta Support
      5. My Files
        1. Downloading
          1. Disable a file's download link
            1. Create a new download link
          2. Obtain a file's download link
          3. Use a file's download link
        2. Organizing your files
          1. Creating custom folders
          2. Copying file to a folder
          3. Removing file from folder
        3. Creating datasets
        4. Assigning gender to a file
        5. Assigning population to a file
        6. Deleting
  14. Support

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