Guide to Disease-Specific Results with Next Gen Screening

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to access disease-specific results using our advanced Next Gen Disease Screening tool. For demonstration purposes, we’ll use Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) as our reference disease. However, the same steps can be applied to any of the thousands of diseases covered by our screening tool. For a comprehensive list of all conditions and diseases covered by the Next Gen Disease Screening, please click HERE. While this guide uses EDS as an example, the process remains consistent for all diseases. Simply substitute “Ehlers Danlos” with the name of the disease or condition you’re interested in.

By default, the Explore Data section of your Next Gen Disease Screening will only display variants with High Confidence ratings that may have a potential health impact. If you wish to view your genetic makeup for all variants associated with EDS, follow the instructions provided below.

Step-by-Step Guide to Access EDS Screening Results:

  1. Login to Account: Begin by signing into your account.

  2. Access Next Gen Disease Screening: Navigate to the Next Gen disease screen via one of the following methods:

    • Marketplace: First app that is displayed.
    • Dashboard: Right side “Interactive Apps”.
    • Genome Details Page: Find it under the “My DNA data” section and then selecting the Genome.
  3. Navigate to Explore Data: Click on the “Explore Data” section located in the top blue header.

    explore data tab
  4. Optimize Filters for EDS Results:

    • Confidence Filter: Change the confidence filter setting from “High Only” to “All.”
      Confidence filter toggle
    • Filtered By: Adjust this setting to include all desired results. The default setting is “Possible Health Impact.”
      Result filter options Possible Health Impact only selected
  5. Search for EDS: Ensure “Condition” is selected in the box to the left of the search bar. Enter “Ehlers” into the search bar. From the dropdown, you can either select a pre-populated condition or proceed with the exact term you’ve entered. If you want proceed with exact term select the term next to the magnifying glass. 

    search bar with condition selected and Ehlers typed in

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