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The Ultimate DNA Kits for Health, Ancestry, and Much More

Our DNA kits are called ‘Ultimate’ for a reason. They are not only the lowest price DNA tests available but are also the most informative. This includes straightforward DNA reports for ancestry, adult health,  children’s health, wellness, nutrition, fitness, and self-discovery. Interested in locating relatives using your DNA? You can opt-in to this feature as well.

Choose Between Two Great DNA Test Kits

We offer two kits, one for the Ultimate DNA Test and the other for our Ultimate Genome Sequencing service.

Our Ultimate DNA Test provides 50x more genetic data (more than 25 million data points throughout your genome!) than tests offered by 23andMe, Ancestry, and MyHeritage while providing many more insights into health and ancestry.

Our Ultimate Genome Sequencing service provides 5000x more genetic data (100% of your genome, which is 2 billion data points). It’s the world’s most comprehensive genome sequencing service and is great for optimizing health, helping to prevent medication reactions, screening for rare diseases, improving sleep, strengthening the mind, and, of course, learning about your deep ancestry and genealogy.

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What’s the difference between our DNA Test and the testing offered by other DNA companies? View our DNA Comparison for a side-by-side comparison of the most popular DNA tests.

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