Submitting an app

The instructions below are for submitting an app to’s App Market. This means the app will be hosted on our platform and when users use the app, it will run using our computing resources.

You may also use our API, which is called App Chains, to code apps that run on any platform of your choice, such as web, iOS or Android. You can also submit these apps and we’ll include them for no fee in our market with links to the app in the Apple and/or Android app stores.

To submit an app, simply open a Support Request and select I want to submit my app.

Please include the following details in your request:

  1. Name of app
  2. Do you want to host your app on our platform?
  3. Coding language your app is written in
  4. Is there a UI component to your app?
    • If yes, is there a prototype?
  5. What does your app do?
  6. What is the output of your app? (JSON string, PDF, GFF3, SVG, CSV, etc.)
  7. Who will be the likely users of your app? (Individuals, Bioinformaticians, Researchers, Healthcare Professionals, etc?)

You do not need to submit actual code with this initial request. After submitting your request, a member of our App Onboarding team will contact you to further discuss your app.

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