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Kit Status

With our straightforward and user-friendly interface, you can easily track the progress of your kit right from activation to the final report generation. Here’s how you can understand your kit status on our platform:

  • Name: This refers to the name used while registering the kit. It helps you to identify whose sample the kit contains, especially useful when multiple family members are getting tested. This can include an anonymous name, just make sure it is recognizable as there is no other way to differentiate the kits. 
  • Kit ID: This is a unique identifier assigned to each kit. It helps us track your sample throughout the process and ensures that your data is correctly linked to your account.
  • Activation Date: This is the date on which you activated your kit on our website. Activation is a crucial step that links your sample to your personal account, thus enabling us to provide your results securely.
  • Current Status: This shows the stage at which your kit is in the processing pipeline. Each status provides insight into where your sample is in the sequencing process.

If your kit is still in the sequencing process, you can select the ‘View Full Details’ link to see more information about the current phase of the process. This can help provide an estimate of when you can expect your results.

All Genomes

We use the term “Genome” to represent the DNA data for a single person. If you have DNA data files for two people stored in your account, you’ll see two separate genomes.

Genomes are automatically created in your account using our proprietary One GenomeTM Technology. Whenever a DNA data file is added to your account, One GenomeTM will automatically detect if that data is from a person who already has a genome in your account (and, if so, will add the data from that file to the existing genome) or if the data is from a new person and will use that data to create a new genome.

Having all of the DNA data for a person organized into a single genome makes it very easy for you to access and analyze each person’s genome. Since these genomes are created by combining together the highest quality data from each of your raw DNA data files and these genomes are securely stored in your account, they are referred to as “digital genomes”.

One Genome Technology

Anonymous Account Setup

Kit Turnaround Time

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