Instructions for downloading MyHeritage DNA data as well as how to safely access, import or upload your data into another account including automatic downloads and imports. When you obtain your DNA data from My Heritage, you can then use your data with apps in the DNA App Store that analyze your data and provide information about nutrition, fitness, health, rare diseases, genealogy, ancestry, heritage weight loss, detoxification, games, recreation and more.

It’s easy to upload and use your MyHeritage DNA data.

MyHeritage provides genetic testing for ancestry as well as for health. The genetic data can also be used with apps in’s App Market, which transform the data into straightforward guidance for optimizing health and wellness.

If you had testing performed by MyHeritage, you can easily import your genetic data directly into your account at Once imported, you’ll be able to use your data with our apps.

MyHeritage Review

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How To Download Your MyHeritage Data and Then Upload And Use It With DNA Apps

  1. Sign into your MyHeritage account and follow the ⁠instructions provided by MyHeritage to download your raw DNA data. 
    • If your MyHeritage account contains genetic data for two or more people, repeat the steps above to download the raw data for each person (ie from each ‘profile’ in your MyHeritage account). 
    • Please make sure to open the zip file and rename the file inside. This should be done immediately after downloading each file to your computer so you can identify which person that file belongs to.
      • This is necessary because all files downloaded from MyHeritage have the same exact filename.
      • Since the filenames are all the same, it is difficult to determine which file belongs to which person unless you rename the file immediately after it is downloaded to your computer.
  2. After obtaining your MyHeritage file, sign into your account and go to our ⁠DNA Upload Center.
  3. Use the ‘Upload from My Computer’ option on the left to upload the MyHeritage file from your computer into your account.
  4. Click Upload.
    • Your MyHeritage file will be securely uploaded into your account.

Congratulations! You can now use your MyHeritage DNA data with Sequencing’s Report Marketplace.

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