Why does my digital genome contain less than 100% of my genome data?

You can access the digital genomes stored in your account by signing into your Sequencing account and going to your All Genomes page. The percentage of data available in your digital genome is an approximation that’s based on the human genome containing around 3 billion positions.

Different types of DNA testing technology generate different amounts of genome data. The type of test(s) you have taken will determine the amount of your genome data available in your digital genome. 

100% Genome Data

30x whole genome sequencing (WGS) provides data on all 3 billion positions. When your digital genome contains raw genome data files (FASTQ, BAM, and/or CRAM) from WGS, your digital genome will contain 100% of your genome data.

95% Genome Data

If you’ve had your genome sequenced but your digital genome only contains a genome VCF, your digital genome will contain data on SNPs and INDELs but it will be missing data on a range of other variants such as copy number variations (CNVs), structural variants (SVs), and mitochondrial heteroplasmy. Because of this, your digital genome will show as containing 95% of your genome data. Upload your FASTQ, BAM, or CRAM file to increase your genome data to 100%.

1.4% Genome Data

0.4x whole genome sequencing, which is also known as low-pass sequencing, does not fully sequence your entire genome. Similar to DNA microarrays, 0.4x WGS only obtains data on a subset of your genome. We consider 30x to be required to reliably obtain 100% of your genome. Since 30x WGS provides 100% of your genome, 0.4x WGS equates to around 1.4% of your genome.

1% Genome Data

Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) obtains data on around 1% of the genome. Ff you have WES data files as part of your digital genome, your digital genome will contain 1% of your genome data.

0.01% Genome Data

DNA microarrays, the DNA testing technology used by 23andMe, AncestryDNA, MyHeritage, and many other genealogy-focused DNA testing companies, obtains data on approximately 0.01% of the genome. If the only data files available in your digital genome are from a DNA microarray test, your digital genome will contain 0.01% of your genome data.

How to get 100% genome data

If you have less than 100% of your genome data, you can use our ⁠whole genome sequencing service to increase your genome data to 100%. When your whole genome sequencing data is added to your account, the data will be automatically added to your digital genome, which will increase the amount of data in your digitial genome to 100% of your genome data.

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