How To Modify Your Genome Plan

Upgrading Your Genome Plan

To enhance your Sequencing experience by upgrading your Genome Plan, simply follow these steps:

  1. Sign In: Sign in to your Sequencing account.
  2. Navigate to Membership: From any page, click on your account avatar located at the top right corner, select ‘Account’ to access your Account Settings, and then choose the ‘Membership’ tab.
  3. Change Your Plan: Find the ‘Change Plan’ button next to the genome plan you wish to upgrade and click on it.
  4. Select Your New Plan: Choose the new plan you wish to upgrade to and confirm your selection.

Your upgrade will take effect instantly, providing you immediate access to the enhanced features of your new Genome Plan. If you’re moving to a Premium or Professional plan, please allow a few hours for your genome to be analyzed with our most advanced algorithms. During this processing time, your Sequencing Apps will display an “updating” status.

Downgrading Your Genome Plan

Should you decide to adjust your Sequencing services to a more basic plan, downgrading is straightforward:

  1. Sign In: Sign in to your Sequencing account.
  2. Access Membership Options: Click on your account avatar at the top right of any page, select ‘Account’ for Account Settings, then click the ‘Membership’ tab.
  3. Initiate Plan Change: Press the ‘Change Plan’ button adjacent to the genome plan you’re adjusting.
  4. Choose a New Plan: Pick the plan you’d like to downgrade to and confirm your downgrade.

Please note, downgrading your plan will take effect on the Renewal Date of that genome’s existing Genome Plan. For those on an annual plan with monthly billing, the downgrade will occur after all remaining payments have been completed.

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