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Plus Genome Plan

Embark on your genetic discovery journey with our Plus Membership. This is the perfect choice if you’re looking for more independence in understanding your DNA. You’ll get access to the Genome Explorer Plus, which allows you to connect your data to diseases, conditions, and research with condition-based searches. Plus includes report credits to spend on apps and reports in our Marketplace. Start uncovering the secrets of your DNA and step into a new world of self-discovery.

Premium Genome Plan

Unlock the full potential of your DNA with our Premium Membership. This package includes all the benefits of the Plus Membership, along with access to Genome Explorer Premium - the most advanced version of our Genome Explorer. With two highly useful additions, Risk Version and Your Status, you can easily understand your genetic risk factors for various conditions. Premium includes report credits to spend on apps and reports in our Marketplace. Dive deeper into your DNA with the Google of genomics.

Professional Genome Plan

Experience the pinnacle of DNA exploration with our Professional Membership. This plan is designed for professionals who require advanced capabilities and in-depth exploration tools. Enjoy all the benefits of the Premium Membership, plus exclusive professional-grade features that will supercharge your genomics journey. Professional includes report credits to spend on apps and reports in our Marketplace.

Join today and start your journey of genetic discovery. Your DNA has a story to tell, and we’re here to help you uncover it.

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