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Are you a participant in the ⁠All of Us program? If so, we’ve got great news: Your DNA data is fully compatible with! The “All Of Us” program has mentioned their plans to release raw DNA data in the near future. Like you, many of us at are participants and are excitedly waiting for this release.

When you bring your “All of Us” data to, you’ll get:

  • Easy access to innovative apps and products that bring your DNA data to life with insightful information.
  • Safe, free, and unlimited storage for your DNA data.

Shaping the Future of Health - It Starts with You

The All of Us Research Program is an unprecedented initiative, aiming to gather data from over a million people in the United States. Its goal? To propel research and refine health solutions. By considering unique differences in lifestyle, environment, and biology, the program aspires to pave the way for precision medicine, tailored specifically for each individual.

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