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The platform was created for researchers and bioinformatics experts.

Many of the apps found in the App Market make processing genetic data more efficient. Instead of sending out your data you can now process your data yourself with just a few clicks.

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  • any type of genetic data such as from whole genome sequencing, exome sequencing, microarrays or PCR
  • any testing technology including Illumina, Affymetrix, Roche, Thermo Fisher, Qiagen, etc.
  • any data format including FASTQ, FASTA, BAM, SAM, CRAM, AVRO, gVCF, VCF, CSV, TXT and many others

Click here if you do not have genetic data

Data storage limitations, bandwidth fees and computer processing costs no longer have to be concerns. Your free account provides:

  • unlimited, confidential and highly secure storage of genetic data files
  • no bandwidth or computer processing fees
  • access to an increasing number of apps that process and analyze genetic data
  • ability to share genetic data files and app results with your colleagues

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