What happens if there's an issue with my kit or my sequencing?

While the vast majority of kits and sequencing have no issues, sometimes there may be a problem with a DNA collection kit or there may be an issue when the laboratory is sequencing a genome.

If there’s a problem with your DNA collection kit

If there’s an issue impacting your kit, we’ll send you a free replacement kit. For example, if your kit is lost in the mail or if the amount of DNA obtained from your kit doesn’t pass quality control, a new DNA collection will be necessary.

If a new DNA collection kit is required, we’ll notify you by email and send you a replacement kit. The turnaround time starts again when the laboratory receives the replacement kit and replacement kits have the same turnaround time as all other kits.

If there’s a problem while sequencing your genome

If any issue occurs that impacts your sequencing, the laboratory may have to restart your sequencing. There are stringent quality control checkpoints throughout the sequencing process and since we only provide the highest quality data, if your sequencing doesn’t pass a quality control checkpoint then your genome may need to be resequenced.

A kit can fail at multiple points during the sequencing process, including near the beginning prior to when sequencing starts as well as near the end when sequencing has almost completed. The many quality control checks throughout the entire process helps ensure you receive the highest quality sequencing.

There is no additional fee if it is necessary to resequence your genome. Depending on how much of your genome must be resequenced, resequencing can add up to eight additional weeks to your order.

While most times the laboratory is able to resequence using the DNA that was already extracted from your kit, if a recollection is necessary, we’ll notify you by email and send you a free replacement kit.


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