Can I upload my raw DNA data from to third-party sites such as online genealogy and family tree services?

Yes! Our Whole Genome Sequencing service include full access to your raw DNA data files so you can easily access and use your data with other services.

Whenever you order genetic testing through us, you own the data. You can download your DNA data at any time and, if you choose, upload your data to third-party sites, such as those that provide genetic genealogy and family tree services.

Due to the enormous amount of DNA data provided by both of our tests, some third-party systems may be overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude data and may have issues processing the data file. Because of this, we’ve developed a unique universally compatible DNA data file in txt format that’s included as part of your genetic test results.

This special universally compatible file is called the ‘Ultimate Compatibility File’. We designed this file to be compatible with third-party DNA analysis and ancestry services including openSNP, WikiTree, GEDmatch and Promethease. You’ll be able to upload and use your Ultimate Compatibility File with third-party sites that also accept uploads of DNA data from 23andMe.

An Ultimate Compatibility File containing your raw DNA data is included with our Whole Genome Sequencing service.

Additional information

Genome sequencing technology, including the 30x whole genome sequencing that’s part of our Whole Genome Sequencing service, generates data files in bam and fastq formats. Since these files provide your full genome, they are massive in size. Each file is usually more than 40 GB in size!

Most third-party genetic genealogy sites cannot process these large files, which is why our genome sequencing test includes this special Ultimate Compatibility File in txt format in addition to the fastq, bam, and vcf formats we also provide.

So while full genomes may otherwise be incompatible with third-party sites, our DNA testing and genome sequencing services provide you with a special file designed specifically to be compatible with third-party sites.

Optimized for both universal compatibility and data analysis

The Ultimate Compatibility File contains a subset of the total data because the total data obtained from both of our tests is too large for most third-party sites to process. This subset of DNA data is larger than the amount of data provided by 23andMe, Ancestry, and other test providers while still ensuring the file is not too large. The subset of data included in the Ultimate Compatibility File was selected to ensure third-party genetic genealogy sites will have all of the data they need to provide their services.

For example, many third-party sites cannot process files that contain more than 1 million rows of data or that are larger than 100 MB in size. Our Ultimate Genome Sequencing service obtains around 3 billion rows of data and is more than 35 GB in size!

The subset of data included in the Ultimate Compatibility File has been specifically optimized to ensure it can be uploaded to, and processed by, third-party sites but also to ensure the subset of data enables comprehensive, accurate analysis by third-party genetic genealogy sites.

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