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How to use Promethease

We’ve made it easy (and free) to securely store and view your Promethease genetic reports.

Promethease DNA app from SNPedia is compatible with and works with data from 23andMe,, My Heritage, FamilyTreeDNA, Dante Labs, Living DNA, Helix, GEDmatch, and genome sequencing

What is Promethease?

Promethease is an online tool that analyzes raw DNA data. It provides the results as an online table that can be searched. The results consist of information about a person’s risk of disease as well as information about traits. The results can also be downloaded as a zip file and opened in any web browser.

Promethease works with data from most DNA tests including 23andMe,, and Dante Labs as well as the DNA testing and whole genome sequencing available at

Promethease was one of the first sites to allow a person to upload their 23andMe data. While Prometheas originally used the 23andMe API to allow a person to easily import data from 23andMe, access to the API was withdrawn. The only way to get your data into Promethease is to manually download it from 23andMe and then upload it at Promethease’s site.

And yes, Promethease is spelled correctly. While most people pronounce it the same as prometheus, the proper pronunciation is with an ‘ase’ at the end.

Genome Explorer is an online browser for your genetic data.

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  • To get started, upload your DNA data using our secure Upload Center.
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How to upload data to Promethease

1) Download your Promethease results from

  • The results will be downloaded to your computer in a zip file called

2) Upload your file into your account using our Upload Center.

  • Simply upload the zip file obtained from Promethease.
    • Do not ‘unzip’ the file. (Upload the file exactly as provided by Promethease.)

3) Access your Promethease results by going to your My Files page.

  • Click the Promethease folder and then click your file (
    • When clicked, your Promethease report will open and you’ll be able to view your Promethease results.

Learn All About Promethease or Promethease DNA brings the world of genomics to your fingertips. With the use of your raw data file downloaded from a DNA testing company, such as 23andMe. MyHeritage,, and, Promethease DNA analyzes it against genetic information collected by research institutions worldwide. 

How Promethease DNA Works

Promethease DNA users can download their DNA data file from the testing company they used. Promethease DNA does not sell DNA tests. The DNA file should then be uploaded to the website. For just $12, the data file is analyzed for additional genetic data and a report is created for the user. The information delivered by Promethease DNA is supplemental to the reports provided by other DNA testing companies like AncestryDNA and Family Tree DNA (FTDNA). 

How Promethease Collects Data

Promethease gets its name from Prometheus - a Greek God who created humanity out of clay and gave it fire for technological advancements. As you learn more about how Promethease DNA collects data, it will be clear why the owners chose this name. 

Promethease DNA compiles genetic variants that allow genomic researchers to understand more about the human genome. The service provides third party tools for scientific research to identify specific variant matches from people in and beyond the United States. It does not sell DNA tests - just the analysis of test results from DNA testing companies using a literature retrieval system. 

The Promethease report contains genetic information from This is a Wiki-style site (like Wikipedia) that contains a lot of information on genetic mutations and variants that can be used to understand family history, including information about the increased risk of certain medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. The site is updated constantly making it one of the best sources for genetic research online. 

Once a raw DNA data file is uploaded to the site, the program matches the variants in your file to what is on SNPedia. This standard nomenclature is then converted into a DNA report that identifies studies that have been performed on your genetic variants. 

Promethease DNA Limitations - Medical History & Accuracy

The downside to Promethease DNA is that the reports are complex. Unlike genetic testing companies such as 23andMe and that have easy-to-read reports, the ones from Promethease may need to be read by a geneticist or genetic counselor. The other drawback is that Promethease DNA is known to identify false positives when variants match up to conditions, such as breast cancer. Until further research has been conducted, the likelihood of inaccurate results will remain high. 

Promethease DNA is reserved for individuals who want to collect a variety of data about their genome. Unless someone is a genetics professional who can understand the complexities of DNA data, the health information contained in the health reports should not be used to make medical decisions. The FDA does not regulate the testing service, as the site doesn’t provide health advice or diagnosis. 

Sample reports are available for review on the website to help users decide if the service is right for them.

Promethease Is Owned By MyHeritage

Who owns Promethease? While originally created by a scientist, Promethease has been acquired by MyHeritage. To learn, read our MyHeritage review, which includes very important information about the DNA testing they offer as well as their genetic genealogy tools.

MyHeritage will continue to maintain Prometheus although the pricing and terms may change. Since is not affiliated with MyHeritage, whatever changes due occur will have no impact upon the DNA analysis apps and reports, as well as the stringent privacy protections, at

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