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Promethease DNA app from SNPedia is compatible with and works with data from 23andMe,, My Heritage, FamilyTreeDNA, Dante Labs, Living DNA, Helix, GEDmatch, and genome sequencing

Promethease works with


We've made it easy (and free) to securely store and view your Promethease reports using your account. 


1) Download your Promethease results from

  • The results will be downloaded to your computer in a zip file called


2) Upload your file into your account using the Upload Center.

  • Simply upload the zip file obtained from Promethease.
    • Do not 'unzip' the file. (Upload the file exactly as provided by Promethease.)


3) Access your Promethease results by going to your My Files page.

  • Click the Promethease folder and then click your file (
    • When clicked, your Promethease report will open and you'll be able to view your Promethease results.