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FamilyTreeDNA Data is compatible with the DNA data downloaded from the United States-based DNA testing company Family Tree DNA (FTDNA).

FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA) provides genetic testing for genealogy or ancestry purposes. The DNA test from an FTDNA testing kit helps users understand their family history. The information derived from the DNA results can be downloaded from FTDNA and used in’s Report Marketplace.

The Report Marketplacet is made up of reports and apps that analyze raw DNA data. The app transforms the complex raw data into easy to understand information to help improve health, wellness, and fitness. If you’ve had genetic testing performed by FTDNA, all you need to do is import your genetic data into your account. You will then be free to use the data with any of the apps in the Report Marketplace. 

FTDNA Features

FTDNA offers many different types of genetic testing, such as autosomal testing, y-DNA testing, and mtDNA testing.

ftdna test

These tests can greatly help individuals who have hit a brick wall when it comes to learning about their ethnicity and finding family members they didn’t know existed. Genealogists often use them with their clients, so they are highly valuable to anyone looking to do genealogical research. 

Free Autosomal DNA Transfer

FTDNA offers free autosomal DNA transfer. If you’ve already had your DNA tested by another testing company, you can download that data and upload it to FTDNA to enter it into the database. You will then receive a FREE list of autosomal DNA matches. You can use that information to gain more insight about your family using the Family Finder - Matrix. The Matrix allows you to compare ten autosomal DNA relationships at a time. 

If you want even more information, you can use their Chromosome Browser, myOrigins, and ancientOrigins for just $19. 

Autosomal DNA can be transferred from the following DNA companies:

  • 23andMe
  • (AncestryDNA)
  • MyHeritage DNA
  • LivingDNA

For those who have not had a DNA sample tested yet, the FTDNA website and Amazon has the Family Finder test (autosomal test) available to purchase. This test will not only help you obtain the raw data needed but gain full access to all Family Finder features. After exploring genetic genealogy, raw DNA data can then be uploaded to for health and wellness information related to your genetic makeup.

Paternal Ancestry - Y-DNA

FTDNA offers Y-DNA tests. The test results (Y-DNA - Standard Y-STR Values) can help you trace the history of your surname by finding matches worldwide through their Y-DNA database. 

The Y chromosome passes from father to son unchanged. Since the Y-DNA line doesn’t change, it can be traced along migrations. This makes it possible to find paternal matches easily as long as there is a large database as FTDNA has available. 

Special sections of the Y chromosome can determine the male’s Y haplogroup. This can identify ancestors through DNA marker matches.

Y-DNA test-takers can follow their male ancestors as they made their way around the world during migration periods. 

Different degrees of Y-DNA tests are available. The Y-37 is the basic one that checks for 37 markers on the Y chromosomes. Those who would like much more information can invest in the Big Y-700. This one examines 700 short tandem repeats and over 200K SNPs on the Y chromosome.

Maternal Ancestry - mtDNA

Like the Y-DNA test, the mtDNA test reveals information about female ancestors. Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is passed down from mother to children (male and female). mtDNA does change slightly unlike Y-DNA but enough of it remains the same to accurately trace female ancestors and migration patterns.

A new FTDNA feature is the mtFull Sequence video. The feature is included with the mtFull Sequence test and shows a story of your maternal ancestry, which can then be shared with your loved ones. 

You may also be interested in our comprehensive MyHeritage review and how their DNA test and genetic genealogy tools compared to FamilyTreeDNA.

Upload FamilyTreeDNA data for DNA reports

It’s easy to access, upload, and use your Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) data.

How To Download FamilyTreeDNA Data

FamilyTreeDNA allows your raw DNA data from their genetic tests to be downloaded and used with other services, such as The guidance below will help you obtain and then upload and use your genetic data from FTDNA.

Once you obtain your DNA data, you’ll be able to use your FTDNA data with our wide range of DNA reports, which will transform your DNA data into clear insights and useful information for health, ancestry, nutrition, fitness, and much more.

How To Automatically Import FamilyTreeDNA Data (Secure, Simple and Quick)

  1. Sign into your account and go to the ⁠Upload Center.
    • If you don’t have a account, ⁠click here to import your Family Tree DNA data and register for a account at the same time.
  2. Click the ‘Family Tree DNA’ button under ‘Import from Laboratory.’
    • Enter the Kit Number and password for your Family Tree DNA account.
  3. A File Import Progress page will appear that will allow you to monitor the progress while your FTDNA data is securely imported.

How To Download Your FamilyTreeDNA Data And Then Upload And Use It

  1. Sign in to your Family Tree DNA account.
  2. Click ‘Download Raw Data’ located in the lower right corner of the ‘Family Finder’ section.​
    How to download Family Tree DNA data
  3. Click ‘Build 37 Raw Data Concatenated’ to download that file. You do not need to download any of the other files.
    Select Build 37 Raw Data Concatenated from Family Tree options menu
  4. Sign in to your account and go to the ⁠Upload Center.
  5. Choose the upload option under ‘Upload from My Computer’, locate and select the Family Tree DNA file that you just downloaded and click ‘Upload’.
    • You do not need to alter or unzip your FamilyTreeDNA file. Simply upload the same file you just downloaded from Family Tree DNA.
    • Your Family Tree DNA data will be securely uploaded into your account.

Congratulations! You can now use your FamilyTreeDNA data with apps and reports in our Report Marketplace.

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