Free & Unlimited

Unlimited and free DNA, genetic and genome data storage that's HIPAA compliant, GDPR compliant, secure, confidential and compatible with all genetic tests and genome sequencing including from 23andMe,, MyHeritage, Family Tree DNA and Helix.

You will never be charged for DNA data storage, bandwidth, or processing.

We’ve experienced companies that charge fees for storage, bandwidth and processing and each time we’re left scratching our head. It seems like the only thing more convoluted then trying to anticipate what the fees will be in the future is trying to understand the bills for usage that occured in the past.

Your free account includes secure and unlimited: uploading, storage, accessing, sharing and downloading of your files.

Beauty in simplicity.

While many of our apps are free, purchased apps have a simple, straightforward price. If you purchase an app from our App Market, all that will ever be charged is that price, nothing more. No bandwidth fees, no computer processing fees, no storage fees.

Your free account is not contingent upon purchasing apps. You can use your account to store and share an unlimited amount of genetic data for free without any fees or hidden charges.

App developers deserve beauty, too.

For developers who use our API, there are also no bandwidth, processing or storage fees. App development using our App Chains and API are always free. For apps that have already had their production launch, our cost-per-call pricing is simple and affordable.







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