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You can benefit from the information contained within genes.

This section of the Knowledge Center provides information for using as an individual or family. stores your genetic data and keeps it safe. We also provide you with a way to obtain on-going value from your genes.

This is accomplished by allowing your apps to securely access your genetic data and to use that information to provide you with a truly personalized experience.


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  • Includes any type of genetic testing such as:
    • your doctor
    • as part of a research study
    • a lab such as LabCorp, Quest, Ambry, Myriad, etc.
    • a service such as Illumina, Helix, Invitae, Human Longevity Inc, Arivale, Veritas Genetics, Knome, Counsyl, etc.
    • an online service such as 23andMe, Genes for Good,, Family Tree DNA, National Geographic, etc.
  • If you experience any difficulty obtaining your genetic data:


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