Uploading Genetic Data

Your account includes free, unlimited storage of genetic data. 

Four simple ways to upload your data into your account:

1. Use the Upload Center to securely upload and import genetic data files directly into your account.

  • If you upload a file directly from your computer or server, the maximum file size uploadable via the Upload Center is 200MB.
    • For files larger than 200MB, please use Big Yotta.

2. Use Big Yotta - Secure File Uploader to upload files and entire folders of any size.

  • Big Yotta is an app that you download and install on your computer. It allows you to securely upload files directly into your account at Sequecing.com
  • Big Yotta has no file size limit and can handle massive files, such as a whole genome sequencing raw data files.

3. If a file is already stored with a cloud provider or accessible via FTP or URL, it can be imported directly into your account using either Big Yotta or the Upload Center.

  • Most cloud providers are supported including Amazing Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Google Drive, Azure, Dropbox, One Drive, Copy and many more.

4. Files of any size can also be imported directly from various laboratories using the Upload Center.

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How to sign into Big Yotta if you use Single Sign-On (Google, LinkedIn or Github) to access Sequencing.com

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