Uploading Genetic Data

Your account includes free, unlimited storage of genetic data.

Data to Sequencing

Four simple ways to upload your data into your account:

1. Upload Center:

  • Securely transfer and import genetic data files into your account using the Upload Center. This method is suitable for files from your computer or server, up to 200MB in size. For larger files, consider using Big Yotta.

2. Big Yotta - Secure File Uploader:

  • For files of any size, including whole genome sequencing raw data files, Big Yotta is an efficient solution. Download and install this application on your computer to securely upload files directly into your account. Big Yotta is equipped to handle very large files without any size limitations.

3. File Importer via the Upload Center.

  • Files of any size can also be directly imported into your account from various laboratories using the Upload Center. This provides a streamlined way to access and store your genetic data from lab analyses.

Data privacy, confidentiality & ownership

How to sign into Big Yotta if you use Single Sign-On (Google, LinkedIn or Github) to access Sequencing.com

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