Incomplete genetic data

This alert appears if the genetic data in the file that was analyzed is incomplete. While many genetic data files contain a lot of useful data, some do not contain enough data for a complete analysis of the traits and conditions that are analyzed in an app.

Your genetic data files are obtained from the laboratory that conducted your genetic testing. If data is incomplete, it is likely because the genetic testing performed by the laboratory did not test your whole genome and instead just tested a subset of genes.

For example, an app may attempt to analyze 20 different genetic variants to provide a genetic risk assessment for condition X. While many genetic data files do contain data for all 20 variants, some files may only contain data for 18 out of the 20. Other files may only provide data on two or three variants out of the 20.

  • This variability can occur because is genetic data agnostic - our apps can process data that is produced by any genetic testing laboratory in the world.
  • Some lab tests, such as Whole Genome Sequencing from Illumina, may provide far more genetic data than other genetic tests, such as ancestry genetic testing from

The analysis conducted by apps in’s app store will use whatever data is available in the genetic data file you provide.

  • The app will include this Incomplete genetic data alert if data isn’t available for 100% of the variants that the app is configured to analyze for a specific traits or conditions.
    • The alert specifies to the user that the results may be different if more data was available.
    • The alert specifies the traits and/or conditions analyzed by that app that had incomplete genetic data.
    • If a trait or condition is not listed in this alert then the data for that trait or condition was complete.

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