Problem solving

Problem Solving: Sequencing Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

If you’re having trouble using Google Authenticator to log in to, please review the suggestions below.

Invalid Passcode Error

  • Make sure the auto-generated passcode is for your account.
    • Your Google Authenticator application could be connected to more than one service or account. Make sure the generated passcode is for the account you want to log in to.
  • Use a valid Google Authenticator passcode.
    • Google Authenticator passcodes are valid for 30 seconds after they’re generated. If a Google Authenticator passcode is older than 30 seconds, launch Google Authenticator on your mobile device and enter your email, password, and the new passcode and then click the “Log In” button.

Google Authenticator is no longer accessible

  • If you lose your mobile device or your Google Authenticator password is not accessible, please email [email protected].

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