What is Sequencing's Privacy Forever Policy?

Privacy Forever.

We do not sell your data to anyone, ever.

You own your data.

  • You’re always in full control of your data.
  • Your raw data and reports are securely stored in your Sequencing.com account.
  • You can download, share, and permanently delete your data for free and at any time, directly from your account.

We protect your data.

  • Your entire account, including your DNA data, is private and confidential.
  • Your account is protected by our advanced security system. Like a bank, no one except for you can access your data.
  • Your data is stored in our highly secure data centers in the USA in the EU.

Our only allegiance is to you.

  • We do not sell your data, including your DNA data, to anyone.
  • We are a private company in the USA run by medical physicians and geneticists.
  • We are not owned (not even a little) by tech giants, pharmaceutical companies, or governmental agencies.
  • We do not allow your data to be accessed by pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, governments, or anyone other than you.

Additional information about data and report sharing:

  • If you use a report in the Marketplace, some of your DNA data may be shared with the the developer of that report (also referred to as the report ‘publisher’) so that their system can analyze your data and generate the report.

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