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Are you already in possession of raw DNA data from a third-party DNA testing service? Great news! has made it possible for you to import these genetic data files directly from the laboratory that conducted the testing. This includes 23andMe, AncestryDNA, Dante Labs, FamilyTreeDNA, HomeDNA, LivingDNA, MyHeritageDNA, Nebula Genomics, and Vitagene, with more laboratories being added in the near future.

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To effortlessly import your genetic data, navigate to the Upload Center on our platform. Under the section ‘From Third-Party DNA Testing Services’, you’ll find a list of laboratories we currently support. If you see the name of the laboratory that conducted your testing, simply click on its button to initiate the import process.

While the specific regulations may vary depending on the laws of the country where the laboratory is based, most countries have legal provisions that mandate laboratories to provide patients and/or their healthcare providers with copies of these raw genetic data files. Additionally, these regulations generally require laboratories to store the genetic testing data for many years.

However, should you encounter any issues in your attempt to obtain your genetic data from a laboratory, don’t worry. offers complimentary assistance to ensure you can retrieve your data and start unlocking your genetic potential today. We’re committed to empowering you with your genetic information and making the process as smooth as possible. Learn more about free assistance in obtaining genetic data

Alternative ways to upload or import data

*Federal law in the United States mandates that a person has the right to obtain the results of laboratory testing directly from the laboratory.

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