What is Sequencing's DNA Membership program?

Our Membership Program provides new, useful insights about your DNA throughout your life.

Membership includes access to our latest genomic technologies that further enhance a person’s genome, including One Genome TechnologyGenome-Lock DNA Security, and Real-Time Health Updates.

Membership also includes unlimited use of Genome Explorer Ultimate (our online browser that allows you to quickly view and easily search through your genome) as well as app credits each month. Credits allow you to select and use DNA analysis apps and reports instead of purchasing them à la carte. We add new apps and reports every month so the collection keeps expanding.

Most our of DNA analysis apps are included with Membership. Similar to Netflix, some apps are rotated and some apps are rotated out each month so if you don’t see the app you want to use that month, it may become available the following month.

Apps not included with Membership are ‘bundled apps’ (apps that package two or more other apps together into a single app such as Comprehensive Wellness, Complete Genome Analysis, and TBG Total Wellness).

You can cancel your Membership at any time and for any reason without incurring any fee or penalty.

If you cancel your Membership, your account will automatically convert to the Free plan. You’ll still have full access to all of your raw data files from your Ultimate DNA Test and your Ultimate Genome Sequencing service.

All of your raw DNA data and DNA reports will always be safely stored in your Sequencing.com account. You’ll be able to access and download your data and reports for free, and at any time, regardless of whether your account has a paid Membership or is on the Free plan.

Silver Membership is $11.99 per month ($9.99 if paid annually) and provides the ability to select and use two DNA analysis apps and reports each month. 

View additional information about Membership Plans.

Membership Promotion

The current promotion for our Ultimate DNA Test and our Ultimate Genome Sequencing service includes a free month of Silver Membership. This provides you with the ability to use any two DNA analysis apps and reports.

These two apps and reports are in addition to the three DNA analysis apps included with the current promotion for Ultimate Genome Sequencing (Wellness and Longevity DNA Report, Healthcare Pro DNA Report, and the Rare Disease Screen).

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