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Privacy Forever

Privacy Forever is our transparent policy that makes it crystal clear that your privacy comes first.

It’s simple: you own your data, including your DNA data, and we don’t sell or share it with anyone, ever. Instead, we help keep it confidential and secure so that only you can access your data.

Our Privacy Forever policy applies to your entire account. Whether you order a genetic test or whole genome sequencing or upload your DNA data and use apps from our DNA App Store, your account, including your data and DNA data, will be protected by our Privacy Forever policy.

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You own your data.

  • All information, files, and data (including genetic data) in your account are private and confidential.
    • We never sell your data to any third party.
  • You retain full ownership and control of your data.
    • You can access, share, download or delete your data at any time for free.

We protect your data.

We enable you to obtain tremendous value from your data.

  • Our ⁠Marketplace is the world’s largest marketplace for apps that transform genetic data into understandable, useful information.


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