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For the First Time, Access 100% of Your Genes

Whole genome sequencing, the world's most advanced genetic test, gives you data on your entire genome. That's more than 3 billion data points! Until now, all that data was difficult to store, hard to analyze, and even more challenging to understand.

Not anymore. Our platform gives you everything you need to make the most of whole genome sequencing, all in one place.


Now you can benefit from our advanced bioinformatics pipeline  for highly accurate analysis of your genes.


We also provide free, unlimited storage of your DNA data that’s protected by our Privacy Forever  policy.


To help you make the most of your experience, our DNA Education  is full of helpful information and guidance you can depend on.

Percentage of Genome Data Available for Analysis



23andMe, Ancestry

Microarray tests


Whole Genome Sequencing

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Universal DNA Compatibility

If you’ve already had genetic testing, you can use the data you received on You can upload the raw data from almost any third-party DNA test, including clinical DNA tests, direct-to-consumer DNA tests such as 23andMe, and whole genome sequencing tests.

Once you’ve uploaded your DNA data, we make it easy to gain meaningful insights into your health, wellness, and genealogy.

Explore Your DNA Like Never Before

Our user-friendly, state-of-the-art tools give you the power to make endless discoveries about yourself.


One Genome Technology

One Genome brings all your DNA data together into one digital genome  and ensures it is as accurate as possible while also making it easier to use your data.


Genome Scan

Genome Explorer and Next-Gen Rare Disease Screen use Genome Scan technology to keep your genome data up-to-date with the latest scientific research.

This automated feature can also notify you whenever there's a new discovery relevant to your genes.


Proprietary Interactive Applications

Our interactive DNA applications make it easy for you to explore your DNA.

  • Genome Explorer: the world’s first online browser and search engine for your genome, updated weekly to include the latest genetic research from scientists throughout the world.
  • Next-Gen Rare Disease Screen: A groundbreaking screen of your risk of more than 10,000 rare diseases, conditions and traits that's updated weekly with the latest research.

Enhanced Marketplace

Our marketplace has the world's largest collection of enhanced DNA reports from top geneticists and bioinformatics services.

These reports provide clear insights and guidance about your genetics, covering a wide range of topics like disease risk, medication reactions, and genealogy.

We only offer reports that meet strict standards for quality and scientific rigor, ensuring you can trust the results.

Affiliate Program

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Developer Resources

Want to develop DNA-personalized apps and reports? Explore our APIs and developer documentation.