Next-Gen Disease Screen (NGDS)

Next-Gen Disease Screen (NGDS): Revolutionizing Genomic Health

The Next-Gen Disease Screen (NGDS) is a groundbreaking application designed to provide unparalleled insights into genetic health. It represents a significant advancement from’s previous Rare Disease Screen, offering a broader and more in-depth analysis of genetic data.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Analysis: NGDS analyzes whole genome sequencing data, offering an assessment of genetic risk for over 16,000 diseases, conditions, traits, and medication reactions. This tool allows users to screen their entire genome for nearly every disease with a known genetic component.
  • Affordability and Depth: Traditional labs may charge thousands for testing a limited number of diseases. In contrast, NGDS provides a comprehensive analysis at a fraction of the cost, ensuring no crucial genetic information is overlooked.
  • Version Options: NGDS is available in various versions tailored to user needs:

    • Free: Genetic analysis for 100 conditions.
    • Plus: Analysis for 1,000 conditions with quarterly updates.
    • Premium: Comprehensive analysis for over 16,000 conditions with monthly updates.
  • Professional: Weekly updates to stay at the forefront of genetic discoveries.
  • Continual Updates: Genetic research is ever-evolving. NGDS versions are updated regularly to ensure results are based on the latest research. The app is further enhanced when used alongside the Health Scan app, which alerts users to new research that might impact their health.
  • Universal Compatibility: NGDS is designed to analyze data from almost any DNA test, including those from clinical labs and popular consumer DNA tests like 23andMe, AncestryDNA, and MyHeritage. However, it works best with whole genome sequencing data, allowing for a comprehensive analysis of all 16,000+ conditions.

Dr. Brandon Colby’s Personal Testimony: Dr. Brandon Colby, the founder of, personally experienced the transformative power of NGDS. Born with a perplexing health issue, he underwent numerous tests and consulted countless doctors without a definitive diagnosis. It was only through the NGDS that he identified the exact genetic root of his condition, a mutation in the KRT14 gene. This discovery provided clarity and reassurance for his family’s future, showcasing the life-changing potential of the Next-Gen Disease Screen.

The Next-Gen Disease Screen is a revolutionary tool that empowers individuals with profound genetic insights, previously reserved for specialists. It offers a comprehensive, affordable, and user-friendly solution for those seeking to understand their health at the genetic level.

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