Genome Explorer

Genome Explorer v3: The Ultimate DNA Data Browser and Search Engine

Genome Explorer v3 is the world’s premier online browser and search engine tailored for your genome. It allows users to delve deep into their genetic data, exploring associations between their DNA and various diseases, conditions, traits, and medication reactions.

Key Features:

  • Universal Compatibility: Genome Explorer is designed to work with DNA data from any genetic test, including:

    • Whole Genome Sequencing
    • Exome sequencing (e.g., Ambry Genetics, LabCorp, Quest)
    • Arrays (e.g., 23andMe, AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritage, Living DNA, GSA)
    • It’s also compatible with data aligned to any reference genome, including GRCh38, hg19/GRCh37, and hg18/GRCh36.
  • Advanced Search Capabilities: Users can easily sort, filter, and search their DNA data. Search parameters are based on the user’s Genome Plan level (Free, Plus, Premium, or Professional) and include:

    • RCV ID
    • Chromosome
    • Position
    • Variant ID
    • Gene
    • Variant Type
    • User’s Status (e.g., Detected, Likely Detected, Increased Risk)
    • Condition (e.g., Diseases, Syndromes, Traits, Medications)
    • Classification (e.g., Pathogenic, Likely Pathogenic, Benign)
    • Confidence (e.g., Guideline, Expert, Replicated)
  • Enhanced Compatibility: Genome Explorer supports all genetic data variations, such as:

    • SNPs/SNVs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms/Variants)
    • INDELs (Insertion and Deletion Variants)
    • CNVs (Copy Number Variations)
    • SVs (Structural Variations)
    • MITO (Mitochondrial Heteroplasmy)
  • User-Friendly Interface: It’s straightforward to use Genome Explorer. Users can upload their raw DNA data or order a DNA test. Once the data is uploaded to the account, users can start the Genome Explorer app and begin their exploration.
  • Detailed Column Legend: Each row in Genome Explorer provides information on a specific position within the genome. Columns offer additional details about that position, such as the variant’s identifier, its position on the chromosome, the associated gene, and its potential impact.
  • Links and References: Genome Explorer provides clickable links for each variant, directing users to additional information. If a variant is found in ClinVar, a direct link to the variant’s ClinVar record is included. Moreover, references to journal articles about the association between the variant and the condition are also available.

Genome Explorer v3 is a revolutionary tool that offers individuals a comprehensive and user-friendly platform to explore their genetic data. With its advanced search capabilities and extensive compatibility, users can gain profound insights into their genetic makeup and potential health implications.

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