Sequencing Apps

Sequencing Apps: Health Scan, Next-Gen Disease Screen, Genome Explorer

Sequencing Apps: Tailored Genomic Insights for Optimal Health

Our Sequencing Apps are meticulously crafted to provide you with unique insight into your genetic health. Stay current with Health Scan, understand your genetic risk of more than 10,000 diseases with Next-Gen Rare Disease Screen, and navigate your genetic blueprint with Genome Explorer.

Health Scan

  • Overview: Health Scan continually monitors the latest scientific research in relation to your genome, alerting users when a new discovery may impact their genetic risk of a condition.
  • Key Feature: Automatic cross-referencing of your genome with new scientific research, ensuring users are always updated about potential health implications.

Next-Gen Disease Screen (NGDS)

  • Overview: NGDS is an advanced application that provides insights into genetic health, analyzing genetic risk for over 15,000 diseases, conditions, traits, and medication reactions. Search the list of diseases.
  • Key Feature: The world’s first comprehensive analysis of whole genome sequencing data, offering a broader assessment than traditional tests at a fraction of the cost.
  • Insights: Disease Focus

Genome Explorer

  • Overview: Genome Explorer v3 is the world’s premier online browser and search engine tailored for your genome, allowing users to delve deep into their genetic data.
  • Key Feature: Advanced search capabilities with universal compatibility, supporting data from any genetic test and aligned to any reference genome.
  • Insights: Data Focus

Our Sequencing Apps offers a holistic approach to genetic exploration, from continuous monitoring of genetic risks with Health Scan, comprehensive disease screening with NGDS, to in-depth data browsing with Genome Explorer v3. Together, these tools empower you to take charge of your genetic health and make informed decisions.

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