How does the 'choose my own DNA discovery' work?

You choose what you want to learn about your genes.

After your test has completed, our wide selection of DNA apps and reports will analyze and transform your DNA data into personalized insights and guidance. You’re in full control because you select which reports you want.

If you’re interested in personalized health, our Health category contains dozens of reports for you to select. For example, Wellness and Longevity, which provides an excellent assessment of genetic risk factors as well as the Next Gen Disease Screen, which analyzes more than 16,000 rare diseases, conditions, and traits.

If you’re more interested in ancestry and data exploration, our Ancestry and Bioinformatics categories also contain dozens of DNA analysis apps and reports. For example, the Genetic Genealogy report includes both ancestry and haplogroup analysis while the Ancestry & Genealogy app provides extensive admixture analysis.

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