What Is Genome Explorer?

Genome Explorer is the first online browser and search engine for your genome.

Think of it as Google for your genes.

Like Google, Genome Explorer allows you to search for information—only, in this case, you are searching your own genome by disease, symptom, gene, or genetic variant. The results you pull up will allow you to identify diseases, conditions, traits, and medication reactions associated with your genetic information.

Unlike a Google search, however, which can include information that is out-of-date or inaccurate, Genome Explorer’s results are guaranteed to reflect the latest genetic research from scientists around the world. The information is updated weekly so you can be sure you are keeping up with current breakthroughs in genetic knowledge.

Genome Explorer is available in three versions, each connected to a particular Genome Plan level. No matter which version you choose, you will always have access to your own genome data. The difference is that each version gives you progressively more interpretive data to help you understand your genome.

Genome Explorer Free

The Free version allows you to compare your data at each variant to specific chromosomes, positions, and genes. If you have some knowledge of the genetic data that will indicate whether you have a particular disease, condition, or trait, the Free version will allow you to discover if your genome carries that variant.

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Genome Explorer Plus

Like the Free version, the Plus version gives you the ability to do searches on your genome that allow for data comparison. However, Genome Explorer Plus gives you additional information on conditions associated with each variant to help you understand how each variant is significant to you. It also provides links to relevant scientific research via the National Institutes of Health.

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Genome Explorer Premium

The Premium version gives you all the searchability and knowledge of Plus as well as additional information that indicates your status in relationship to a particular variant—whether or not you express or carry the risk version of a gene of concern.

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