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Support For Uploading Big DNA Data Files Using Big Yotta

If you use Google, LinkedIn or Github Single Sign On to access, click here to learn how to sign into Big Yotta.

If you are experiencing any other issues with Big Yotta, please continue reading…

Big Yotta has been extensively tested for uploading files from 1 KB to greater than 1 TB (per file) on Mac, Windows and Linux using both wired and WiFi connections. Even with extensive testing, unforeseen issues may occur. When they do, we’re here to help!

If you experience an issue with Big Yotta, please follow the 3 steps below to report the issue:

Step 1

  • When you experience an issue, please do not close or exit Big Yotta.
  • Instead, click the ’Log’ button in the lower right corner of the main Big Yotta window.
Big Yotta Troubleshooting Step 1

Step 2

  • Click ’Detailed Log’ at the bottom center of the Big Yotta Log window.
  • A zip file will automatically be generated.
Big Yotta Troubleshooting Step 2

Step 3

  • Email the Detailed Log zip file to [email protected]
    • In your email please also include the following information:
      • are you using a wired or WiFi connection
      • what country you are uploading the file from.
        • Due to’s strict security protocols, secure internet traffic from some countries may be analyzed by in unique ways. Because of this, it is helpful for troubleshooting Big Yotta issues to know what country you are sending the data from.
      • Optional but very helpful
        • On the same computer you are using Big Yotta, go to ⁠ to test your internet connection. If that site doesn’t work then please use ⁠
        • Once the test is complete, click ‘Share the results.’ Copy the url provided by that site and paste it into the email to [email protected].
    • Your information is kept private and confidential. After troubleshooting the issue, we permanently delete the Detailed Log file.

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