Step 3: Modify Parameters (Optional)

For many apps, Step 3 is the final step, which is simply to click the ‘Submit’ button. After clicking Submit, the app will process and you’ll then receive an email when the results are ready.

Some apps, however, have the option under Step 3 to ‘Modify Parameters.’

  • If this option is not selected then the app will process using the default parameters (settings).
  • If the ‘Modify Parameters’ option is selected the Advanced Parameters section will expand. You will then be able to select specific tools and modify their advanced parameters.

Most of the time modifying advanced parameters requires you to have technical knowledge of that specific parameter.

  • For example, the EvE app allows you to choose specific tools and modify the parameters of those tools such as SamTools, GATK, Isaac Aligner, etc.

To view the default settings, click “Modify Parameters” and when the Advanced Parameters section expands all of the default tools and their default parameters will be displayed. For the EvE app, you can click on the “Conversion” tab, which will display the entire default workflow.

Once you have finished viewing or modifying the advanced parameters you may proceed to Step 4: click the ‘Submit’ button. The app will then start to process.


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