File categories

Genetic data files are divided into five file categories. Each file category corresponds to a specific folder in your My Files page. To view the files in a category, click on the category’s checkbox. You may select one or more file categories.

  • My uploaded files
    • Files that you have uploaded into your account
  • Files produced by my apps
    • Files that are created by your apps
  • Files shared with me
    • Files that another person has shared with you
  • Sample files
    • Even if you haven’t uploaded and files or had any files shared with you, you can still use any app by selecting a sample file. Sample files are real genetic data files that are publically available.
    • The sample files available to you depend upon which persona(s) you selected in the My Profile tab of Settings. For example, if a person designates him or herself as an Individual or Family then the sample files are less technical and more fun. If a person designates him or herself as a Researcher, then a larger number of more technical sample files will be available.
  • Altruist files
    • Files in the Altruist Database. When a person designates a file as an Altruist file the genetic data from the file is added to the Altruist Database and the file, which has all personally identifiable information removed, can be selected to use with your apps.
  • All files
    •  Shows all files from all five file categories

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