Step 1: Select a File apps are powered by genetic data. Because of this, each time an app is started you’ll need to indicate which genetic data file you’d like it to use.

An app’s ‘Options’ page will appear after you start the app. Step 1 of the Options page is to select the genetic data file to use for that app.

To select a file:

  1. Under Step 1 find the file in the list of available files and click on the filename.
    1. Click on the checkboxes to select/unselect a file category.
    2. When a file is selected the background color for that file will turn yellow.
  2. Proceed to Step 2

If you selected a file but change your mind and want to select a different file simply find the other file and click on its filename. The background color will then change to yellow, indicating that the file has selected.

Learn more about the five file categories

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