Premium (paid) apps

Premium apps can be purchased in the app market. Once purchased, the app will be added to your account and accessible from the My Apps page.

Premium apps provide additional functionality and faster processing

  • Unlike a free app, you can concurrently start the same premium app an unlimited number of times.
    • For example, while a premium app is running you can return to your My Apps page and start the same app again.
      • Even though the first instance of that app hasn’t finished running, you can start the same app again and both instances will run at the same time, independent of each other.
  • Instead of having to wait for the app to complete to use it again, being able to start the same app before the first instance finishes allows you to accomplish more in less time.

To purchase an app

  1. Find the app in the App Market
  2. Click the app’s ‘Add to cart’ button
    • If you see a ‘Add to My Apps’ button then the app may be free or a free trial app.
    • If you see a ‘Start’ button then you may have already purchased the app or you may be viewing the free trial version of the app.
      • The paid version of the app will have a ‘Add to car’ button.
  3. Continue adding more apps to your cart or click on the shopping cart icon in the header and click on ‘Checkout’
  4. After completing the checkout process your app will immediately appear in your My Apps page
    • To use your app, go to your My Apps page and click on the app’s ‘Start’ button

Types of paid apps

Apps with an upfront cost

Apps with a recurring cost


Payment Methods

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