Many apps produce genetic data files as part of the app results. If one of your apps produces a genetic data file as a result, that file is saved to your account. This allows you to select that file as the starting file for other apps.

To use a file produced by an app with your other apps

  • First, use an app that generates a genetic data file.
    • The file the app generates will be saved to your ‘Saved from my apps’ folder in your My Files page.
  • Start another app.
  • On the app’s options page under ‘Step 1 Select a file’ click on the checkbox for ‘Saved from my apps’. The usable files that have been saved from your apps will appear in the list of files.
  • Select the file you want to use by clicking on the filename.
  • Proceed to Step 2 and, for some apps, Step 3 and then click Submit. Your app will process using the file that was previously produced by another app.

The app that produced the file can be the same app that later uses that file as a starting file. For example, the EvE app can generate a BAM file as a result. You can then run the EvE app again and select that BAM result file as the starting file, such as if you want to use the BAM file to generate a VCF file with ClinVar interpretation.

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