Disable a file's download link

Disabling the download link for a file will immediately and permanently cause the link to stop working. If someone attempts to use a disabled link, the link will not work and the person will receive an error message. 

To disable a download link:

  1. To disable a download link, go to the My Files tab of and find the file.
  2. Under the Options column for that file, click on the Download icon: 
    Download file icon
  3. Click the “Permanently Disable Link” button.
    • The download link will immediately become disabled.
  4. Once disabled, if you (or anyone you shared the link with) try to use the link in the future, it will not work.

Once disabled, that link will never be functional again. After disabling the download link for a file, you can, however, create a new download link for that file.​

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