Assistance obtaining genetic data

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  1. You or a family member has had a genetic test.
  2. You or a family member have attempted to obtain the genetic testing file (the ‘raw data’) from the lab that conducted the testing but have been unable to.

Many countries, including the USA, require laboratories to provide a person with access to the raw genetic data from the person’s genetic test.1 Most countries also require the laboratory to store the results of a test, such as a person’s raw genetic data, for many years.

Additional Information

The raw data file is different from a genetic report.

  • Raw data files are unprocessed or minimally processed genetic data.
    • Common file types for raw data files are: FASTA, FASTQ, BAM, SAM, VCF, XLS, CSV and TXT
  • Genetic reports are an interpretation of the genetic data.
    • Common file types for genetic report files are: PDF, DOC, DOCX

While you may upload, store and share both raw data files and genetic reports, only raw data files can be used to power apps. This is why it’s important to obtain (from the laboratory that conducted the genetic testing) the raw genetic data file and the genetic report.

1⁠Federal law in the United States mandates that a person has the right to obtain the results of laboratory testing directly from the laboratory. This means that if you request it, the laboratory that performed your genetic testing is required by law to provide you with your genetic data.

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