File formats for apps

The majority of apps in the App Market can run using most genetic data file formats. The specific file formats that an app can process will be identified on the app information page. This page is accessible by clicking on the app icon in the App Market or on My Apps (if the app has already been added to your Dashboard).

For example, the Wellness & Longevity App can be run using genetic data that is provided in any of the following file formats:

  • FASTA, FASTQ, CRAM, SEQUENCE.TXT, SEQ.TXT, masterVAR, BAM, SAM, VCF, GVCF, clinical+ VCF, CSV, TXT, and more.
  • Files can be uncompressed or can have .GZ or .BZ2 compression.
  • Files that are produced by genealogy/ancestry testing labs can also be used: 23andMe,, The Genographic Project (National Geographic) and Family Tree DNA.

If you have a file in a format that is not currently supported by an app, please submit a Support Request.

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