Referral Rewards

Earn Reward points each time you refer someone to

  • Simply share your referral link with others and when they register for a account using your referral link, you’ll earn Rewards.

Your referral link can be found on your home page by logging into your account and clicking on the Sequencing icon in the top left header of any page.

There’s a lot you can do with your referral link in addition to emailing it. Here’s a short list: tweet, post, share, shout, WhatsApp, fax, feed, pin, IM, whisper, chat, yak, record, swipe-right, snap crackle and pop!

Each person who registers for an account using your referral link250 points
Bonus for every 20 referrals1,000 points
Bonus for every 50 referrals5,000 points

Example: If you tweet your referral link and 70 people register for a new account using your referral link then you’ll earn 25,500 points.

(70 people x 250 points) + (3 20-referral bonuses x 1,000 points) + (1 50-referral bonus x 5,000 points) = 25,500 points


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